Surroundings – Brkini, Carst, The Coast -

offers a lot of possibilities for trips. You can see indigenous Lipizzaner horses, visit endless world of underground caves or discover an archeological site above Rodik. You can learn about carst architecture in Štanjel, taste local plum brandy and juniper spirit and so much more. All this pleases every demanding visitor.

In the area of Brkini and Carst there are a lot of cycling routes with different difficulties and lengths. Cycling is good exercise and also offers a pure contact with nature that is why we lend 9 mountain bikes.

Cycling routes:

Round route in Karst and Brkini
Guide of the routes and trip in green Karst – catalog on line
Round route in Karst (47 km)

Hiking routes:

Trails around Divača
Valley of the river Glinščica

On cooler days you can pamper your body and heart and relax you spirit in our Finnish herbal sauna.

Our products and goods

After your visit you can take back home some of our products and goods. You can use them to complement you cooking or as a thoughtful gift for your family or friends:

diverse seasonal fresh vegetables,
preserved vegetables (pickles, courgettes, peppers, hot peppers),
homemade marmalade (plum, grape, peach, apricot, pear, fig, pumpkin),
tomato sauce,
different syrups (elderberry plant, nettle, mint),
products with lavender (lavender bath with sea salt, etc),
homemade tea bags,
homemade candles and soaps.


On arrival you will be greeted by our dog Pika, who is very good with children, playful and very nice. We also breed capons and hens. Capons are castrated roosters which are cherished for their high quality white meat. They are kept outdoors and fed only natural food.