On our tourist farm we have ...

... a homey dining room which takes 34 guests.
On warmer days you can sit in the “borjač”(yard) by the fire place and try different wines from our wine cellar.
Our tourist farm is suitable for casual gatherings as
well as business meetings, organizing workshops and
celebrating anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or other parties.

Are you tired of everday cousine?

With us you can embark on a culinary journey, where we can offer you pristine homemade meals which are often forgotten, therefore more cherished and wanted. We will offer you homegrown vegetables (fresh or preserved), homemade marmalades, apple cider and apple juice, bread, herb tea, different spirits etc.


You can spend the night in one of our rooms, which are furnished in such a way that makes you feel the old times.

Every room has:

- separate bathroom,
- minibar,
- wireless internet,
- air-conditioning (3 rooms).